About:                                                            "ABOUT MY FARM"

Hello Friends, Neighbors, Customers and Chicken Lovers:

I am Roy Sumner of Sumner Bird Farm Inc.

I am a local area home based business that provides many different services to our local
and surrounding community. 

I ship orders to you from our business partner hatchery.

I have over 50 different breeds of chickens that I raise to have an urban backyard laying flock to
supply my customers with wonderful, delicious and healthy farm fresh eggs daily.
My customer services include selling certain breeds of eggs for hatching,  selling fresh eggs for
eating, selling baby chicken chicks, baby quail chicks, guinea keets, ducklings, and sometimes

I do sell adult guineas, adult laying pullets, started pullets, and adult ducks at certain times of the

I sell farm fresh standard brown chicken eggs, duck eggs, bantam chicken eggs daily from our
backyard flock. 

Also when in season I sell goose eggs, turkey eggs, bob-white quail eggs, and
pharoah quail eggs.   

I sell barred plymouth rock, white plymouth rock, black star, black australorp, new hampshire red,
blue andalusian, sebright, silver duckwing, polish tophats, golden comets, ameraucana, turken
naked neck, jersey black giant, silver laced wyandotte, golden laced wyandotte, welsummer,
delaware, red cross, buff orpington, rhode island red, red sex link, red star, black sex link, golden
buff, partridge rock, dominique, white silkies, black silkies, buff silkies, blue silkies, white pekin
ducklings, swedish ducklings, magpie ducklings, khaki campbell ducklings, and goslings. 

I only put a 3 day or an up-coming weekend hold/reserve on a chick order/request.  After the
hold/reserve time has expired, we sell the chicks on a first come, first serve bases.  

I sell and build 1 hole, 2 hole stacked, 2 hole side by side, and 4 hole stacked side by side nesting and laying boxes. 

I do sell limited poultry supplies.

I carry mostly standard breeds and heavy breeds but we do have a few special and exotic breeds.

I want everyone to live green, be healthy, and enjoy the natural goodness that nature has to offer.

I also sell "BALUT EGGS" eggs per customer request only during certain times of the year.  

If you have any questions or special requests, feel free to give me a call or send me an email.

Thanks for looking and enjoy my website!

Roy Sumner

I am a NPIP approved business as of September 2008.  
I am also licensed as certified Chick, Hatching Egg, and Poultry Dealers.