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General Customer Information:
***All orders will be placed online using the Online Order/Inquiry & Invoice/Estimate Request Form
or by email only. 

***All orders must be placed and Invoice Amount Balance paid in full before any birds will be ordered
into stock for local pickup at Sumner Bird Farm. 

***Please call me or send me an email to make sure that I have the breed(s) of poultry,
waterfowl, ducklings, goslings, turkeys, guineas, quail, standard crested breeds, bantam breeds,
and standard breeds that you would like to purchase.

***Please call and talk to a person to make sure that someone is available and that the business
is open for operation before coming to the farm and  we will be more than happy to help you with
your chick order selection(s). 

***You do need to call to make sure that I am "Open" for business at the time that you
would like to visit my farm.

***Make all personal check out payable to:   Roy Sumner

Online Order/Inquiry & Invoice/Estimate Request Form:

Make sure to fill out the Online Order / Inquiry / Request Form and click the Submit button
at the bottom of the page to send your request to me for processing. 

Responses to your request form are usually processed in the same business day.  
All order requests will be processed and emailed to you within 24 hours.

Just click the link to get started,  "Online Order/Inquiry Invoice Request Form".   You will receive an order
estimate / invoice showing the total amount of your item(s) and the invoice "Due Date, Pickup Date"
when your ordered item(s) are in stock and ready for you to come to the farm and pick them up. 

***If you need to do a pickup only,  during the hours that I am closed, just give me a call and
I will be glad to help you to schedule your pickup as soon as possible.

Make all personal checks out to payable:  Roy Sumner 

You can use "PayPal" link at "www.paypal.com" and send to my email address at,  rsumner5@nc.rr.com.  

More payment methods are located under the "Payment Methods" link.

You can use the "GoFundMe - Help Sumner-Bird Farm" link at  "www.gofundme.com/Help-Sumner-Byrd-Farm".

All order requests must be paid in full before the invoice due date / pickup date.

***Please feel free to contact me by phone or by email and I will be more than happy to help
you with your questions, concerns, chick ordering, chick reservations, information on caring
for baby chicks, chick health, cures for sickness and any other special requests or information
that you may need.                     

Take A Look At My Videos On www.youtube.com/Sumner Bird Farm Factor:

Look at my videos on my channel on youtube.com for Sumenr Bird Farm Factor at this
link just by clicking here, "https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCezdTJDHUXB_zrbzC3S1Bsg"

General Help Information:

****Read all about chicken diseases, raising baby chicks, baby chick supplies, backyard
chicken forums, meetup groups, news articles, coccidiosis in chickens,
cary chickens, please click  on the link, "Index General Help Information". 

*****Your full guide to raising chickens, please click on the link above named "Chickens 101".

Chicken Coops, Dealers, Suppliers, Plans, & Designs:

Our chicken coop vendors and coop styles information, "chicken-coop-information". 


License & Certifications:
I am a National Poultry Inspection Program, (NPIP), approved business as of September 2008. 
I am licensed as a certified Chick Dealer, Hatching Egg Dealer, Poultry Dealer, Turkey Dealer,
Waterfowl Dealer, Duck & Geese Dealer, Bantam & Small Breed Dealer, Standard Breed Dealer,
Standard Crested Breed Dealer.  I am called and known as the Chicken Man, the Chicken Whisperer.